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Writer's Block: Best book ever!

Is there any book you can read over and over again without ever getting sick of it? Do you discover something new every time you read it?

"The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton.

Writer's Block: Funniest Thing Ever.

Out of all the funny things that have ever happened to you, which experience still cracks you up?
 I don't think I can really answer this. :) My whole life is like one long blooper reel...

Let's see...there was once when my cousins Haley, Ashton and I decided to cook dinner at my Memaw's house in Arkansas. I was around twelve, so that made Haley eleven and Ashton around nine. Anyway, Memaw has an old gas stove, so there's actual open flame when you cook, and none of us were really sure how to use one, since we're so used to electic ovens, but we wanted to make Memaw and Pepaw some eggs. So we decided to try. Well, I was like, "We are so going to burn the house down." and Ashton grabs our old popcorn bowl, and fills it with water. 

"There! Now if the house burns down, we'll have water!" 

I cracked up. "Yeah, it's like, the house starts to burn and we grab the water and run outside screaming "save the water!" 

We laughed about that forever. :)

Then there was another time when I was hanging out with them, a year or so later, and Ashton and I had gone down the hill to pick Memaw some flowers from a bush at this house that burned down years ago that the stupid city (they don't live in Camden) never tore down, and we were both in flip flops. Well, as I'm cutting one of the buds, Ashton starts yelling, and then not a second later, so do I. We've both stepped in a HUGE fire ant hill. They're crawling all over us! We grab the flip flops, stomp off the ants, forget the flowers, and run back up the hill screaming. That was funny because Haley was on the hill at their house practicing for softball, and the look on her face was indescribable and priceless. :)

Then another time when I was with them, another year later, Ashton, Pepaw, and I went down to the park there in town, as was custom when I came. Well, there used to be a creek that ran under a train bridge there that Haley dubbed "The Pretty Place" at an early age, and they had torn it up and put giant pipes in it's place. Well, Ashton, Pepaw and I decide to walk through them to the other side. Just as we're almost out, Ashton and I start to slip and fall, because it had been rainging that day in the morning or something, and there was algae on the bottom of the pipe, in a puddle. Ashton jams her finger between her flashlight and the pipe, and I slipped and hit my ankle. I then ran out of the pipe, straight into even more mayhem. Before I knew what was going on, I was shin deep in mud. Seriously! I slipped and fell in it, and then ended up leaving my flip flops in the mud when I tried to get out. I was literally stuck. Seriously. I had to dig for my shoes! Then Ashton and I had to ride back to Pepaw's in the back of his truck, which wasn't bad, since we did it anyway all the time up to the Day N' Nite store, and the park was only a block downhill from the house...then we both had to get sprayed clean with the garden hose, and when I walked inside so I could go get a shower, because I felt like I was covered from head to toe in mud, which wasn't far from the truth, I just looked at Memaw and said "don't ask." 

Then later that night, we had Pepaw take us up to the Day N' Nite for some candy, since my cousins and I would always play Uno and "gamble" our cookies and Skittles. :) Well, it was right around the time those Ice Breakers Liquid Ice things had come out, and we both wanted to try them, so I bought some of the dark blue ones, or the "cool mint" flavor. Well, when we get home, we both try one, and...um...let's just say it was so strong it burned out tongues. We ran up the stair into the kitchen, fanning our tongues and screaming, and let me tell you, that water wouldn't come out of that faucet fast enough for either of us!

-sighs- I miss my cousins. I haven't seen them since Gran passed away since they moved upstate, and are no longer across the street from Memaw and Pepaw. :( So two years now. 

But I still have fond memories at least. :)


Friends only!


I've decided to make my journal completely friends only. I've been contemplating it for a while now, and I decided to give it a shot. I might go back to a public journal, but for now, it's friends only, kay? 

Comment to be added to my friends list!


Holy shrimp!

Wow! We got EIGHT inches of snow last night, and more continues to fall! Our power apparently went out because my alarm clock is blinking, but it's back on now, and I went to bed with two pairs of socks, three shirts, and two pairs of pajama pants and slept under a thick fuzzy comforter, so I wasn't cold (I currently have the smallest room, so when the power goes out, it's the coldest room or the hottest room, depending on the season.) 

Whoo, sledding time!


8 days to Christmas!!!!

 Whoo, can you believe it's only EIGHT days til Christmas?! I know I sure can't! This year's really flown by. It seriously seems like only yesterday it was March and my friends and I were talking about going to see Meet the Robinsons in theaters together...wow. 

And to top things off, my town is currently under a winter storm warning until 7 PM tomorrow night, and Brother Tom has already canceled church service in the morning, which also means my youth class and Devo is canceled. Dang. I somehow slept through my alarm last week (I'll never know how, since my alarm's loud enough and annoying enough to wake the dead!) and missed church, and I was really looking forward to coming this week to Devo. Oh well. Anywho, we're supposed to get around 3-5 inches of snow tonight, then 5-8 tomorrow! That's a total of around 10+ inches! Whoo! 

Anywho, so every year at Christmastime, I always chose one Christmas song to fit that year. Last year's was Where are You Christmas? by Faith Hill, because Gran had just died and I felt...lost. This year's is Grown Up Christmas List, because, well...I feel a lot older than I am. I've had to grow up a lot this past year, and I feel more like a 21 year old than a 15 year old sometimes. 

So yes, if you're wondering, that's why I named my journal Do you remember me? I sat upon your knee. I wrote to you with childhood fanfasies. and that's also why my banner has those lines on it. It's a beautiful song with a beautiful message. Basically, it's an adult writing a letter to Santa, asking for what they want for Christmas, which include no more broken lives, wars, and for everyone to have a friend.

And since we're singing this song in choir, I was telling my mom about it, and since last year was the last year I truely believed in Santa, I asked my mom who ate all the cookies all those years, and she told me that Santa stops coming when you're thirteen. After thirteen, it's the parents' jobs to be Santa.

A hundred memories came rushing back from when I was little, like when I was eight and in third grade I got a "Santa Report Card" in the mail and a letter saying Santa had seen me being good all year and that if I filled out my report card accurately by placing star stickers over little dots inside whenever I washed my hands or set the table or made my bed, I would get a special surpise. That was also back when we went to Arkansas every year to be with Gran and the rest of my large family, and the night we left, I laid my report card on the kitchen table and I was the last one out the door (since my parents were already out in the snow starting the car) and the day we got back two weeks later, I was the first in the house, and a big red A was on the front. 

And then the Christmas of 2003 came rushing back.

2003 was the last year we ever went back to Arkansas for Christmas. I'll never forget that year. Not only was it the year I lost my outdoor cat, Tiger, and two very close family friends, but it was also the year I got my first American Girl doll, Kirsten. I remember my Aunt Jo (the aunt I haven't exactly been on speaking terms with lately, Gran's sister) had had her famous Christmas party where everyone on my dad's side comes over and we play dominos and eat lots of food, watch Christmas specials on TV, open family gifts, and have a fun time. My little cousin Laci (who was...six. I was eleven.) and I were sitting at Aunt Jo's bar, eating a few pickles and deviled eggs while the adults played Chicken Foot (dominos) when we suddenly heard bells ringing softly. The news station on the TV had said Santa was in LA about an hour before, and we were getting really excited that he was on his way. We stopped and listened for a minute, and then asked everyone else if they could hear them, and they said no. We went outside and listened, thinking it might be carolers or something (though we've never heard of carolers caroling in Camden) and there was no one. We even had everyone go quite and pause the TV inside. We could still hear them, and no one else could. 

So really, no matter how old I get, I guess I'll always believe in Santa. He gives us hope, and shows that there truely is good in the world, and wherever he is, I hope the Lord blesses him.

Well, I'm off to type TYWAW. I'm updating tonight if it kills me!

Adios, mi amigos!


What inspires you to write?
Anything and everything! Mostly it's funny things that happen to me daily, or as (one of) my best friends, Mikey, would put it, "Robi's Crazy Life." Every time he sees me, he asks me what today's episode of Robi's Crazy Life is. XD

Seriously, my life is so hilarious, I swear I live in a blooper reel!



Jacob Jay Bates is lucky to be alive right now!

He keeps getting into my mother's plants, using one as a litterbox and spewing dirt ALL OVER OUR LIVING ROOM, and we eventually had to throw that plant out, and I came home from school today and he had knocked over a little Camark vase with an aloe vera plant in it and BROKE it (and Camark is valuable, and from my hometown) and then knocked over a plant he knocked over last week and broke. Mom's swearing up and down if he doesn't calm down and stop that, he's out the door, and I really love the little guy (he's my new baby!) but I have no clue how to stop him from doing this! He doesn't eat the plants; he gets into and knocks them over. Daddy told me to put cayenne pepper in there, because he wouldn't like the smell, but it didn't work!

Does anyone have any tips at what I could do?


Snow days!


Today was the second snowday of the year, and the second of the week for me! Though, I wouldn't exactly call them snowdays. It's been more like icedays than snowdays, since ice is the sole reason we haven't gone to school for the past two days, not that I'm complaining. 

See, on Saturday night, we had a good bought of freezing rain showers come through, and it wasn't quite warm enough on Sunday to melt it, and the salt trucks never came to our neighborhood until yesterday, even though we have an elementary school down the street (you can see the chimney from Mandy's kitchen window). Me and Mandy had tons of fun trying not to fall on the ice going across the street from my house to hers, and we were constantly trying to push each other down, which eventually resulted in us both falling flat on our butts on the cold ice. XD

Anyway, it's currently...around 34 degrees outside now, and we're currently under a winter weather advisory with a 100% chance of precipitation, which means we'll probably have either a delay again tomorrow and then a cancellation or just an up front cancellation, and then on Thursday we're supposed to get anywhere from 1-3 inches of snow, so from the looks of things, this week's pretty much a freebie. Sadly, though, that probably means more homework next week, and in Bio we won't get to finish our study on genetics (I love studying genetics.). And, OH CRAP I just realized that we have our holiday choir concert next week, and we still don't know all of the Hallelujah Chorus! Oh crap!

I'm going to panic now. (Actually, I'm going to write more of TYWAW.) Adios!


Happy Birthday, Myrah!

 Happy birthday!


Another meme thingie...

 Found this on Myrah (ayuette)'s journal and thought I might fill it out!

1. Name
: Robin
2. Birthday: May 22, 1992
3. Place of Residence: Michigan
4. What makes you happy: Writing and Christmas music
5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last: Believe ~ Josh Groban
7. What is particularly good/bad about my LJ: I have lots of friends!
8. An interesting fact about you: I have double jointed elbows.
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment: Nobody! And never will be! I'm very independent.
10. Favourite place to be: Outside in the summer, home in the winter.
11. Favourite lyric: "...it's the heart that really matters in the end..." Little Wonders ~ Rob Thomas
12. Best time of the year: Christmas!
13. Weirdest food you like: Sushi

1. A film:
Well, aside from the two obvious, I'd have to say I Robot.
2. A book: The Faerie Path, by Frewin Jones
3. A song: Little Wonders, Rob Thomas
4: A band: Linkin Park/Rascal Flatts/Nickelback (I can't deide!)

1. One thing you like about me: You're fun to talk to about anything!
2. Two things you like about yourself: I laugh a lot, and I'm very independent
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you.