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~ Chasing After Thunder ~

Just a woman learning to live...

Robin Ann Bates
Wordle: Who I Am


I am:

- 19
- Female
- 5' 6''
- Writer
- Dreamer
- Very, very random
- Born-again!
- Optimist
- Diarist
- Environmentalist
- Journalist
- Addicted to green tea
- All American
- Conservative
- Pro-life
- Pesco-pollo vegetarian
- Smiler
- Laugher
- Babysitter
- Animal lover
- Bookworm
- Dork
- Movie quoter
- Singer
- Pacifist
- Peacemaker
- Humanitarian
- Libertarian
- Editor
- Choir geek!
- Abstinent until marriage
- Treehugger
- Hippie

Hi, my name's Robin! If you're reading this, you have obviously accessed my profile page, which means you want to know more about me as a person (or robot, alien, whatever). Well, you've come to the right place!

I'm a very strong individual, in faith and personality. I have to be sometimes, for my family and my friends.

I believe that Jesus Christ is my personal savior, and I have been baptized in His name. I have seen His work, in me and in the world, and I want to live a life for Him, spreading his compassion and word throughout the world. I'm willing to die for what I believe in, no questions asked or regrets. God speaks to me, and I speak to Him, and I pray.

I believe in angels. I believe that they show up in the strangest of places, and that you should treat every person as though they were an angel in disguise.

I want to see change in the world, but I'm often at a standstill as to what I can do to make it happen. I hate seeing homeless people on the street, because I think it such a sad thing, and it creates a dull ache in my heart whenever I think about it. I believe that there are things worth fighting for, and I support the Iraq war, no matter how tired of it I am.

I abhor abortion. It all comes down to stopping a beating heart to me. I believe in life at conception. There are certain terms, however, where I can understand it, such as if you are raped, or if it is the mother's life or the baby's. But if you use it as a form of birth control, then I think that you are wrong, and you are murdering an innocent child. If you don't want a child, do not have unprotected sex. End of story.

I am also 100% abstinent until marriage, something that I truly believe in. This was a choice I made for myself at a very young age - around ten years old. I believe that abstinence is a good thing, and that there are more things in a relationship than just sex. I am a very strong person, and I have had people tell me that they admire me greatly for my decision to remain abstinent in a world like today. And God has seen me fit to bless me with an absolutely WONDERFUL boyfriend that loves and respects me for who I am, abstinence and all. :) For our six month anniversary, I bought him a purity ring with the words "I Will Wait" on it, and on my eighteenth birthday almost a month later, he got me a matching one. :)

My boyfriend's name is Logan, and he is the love of my life. He and I met over a year ago in chemistry class, as he was my lab partner. At the time he and I both were undergoing some relationship issues, and hit it off quite well. Then at the beginning of September 2009, we met back up, but I was not the girl he left back in June. I was having some emotional problems due to my mum's mental illnesses. He found me when I was lost and alone in this world, without anyone to turn to for comfort. He held me up, and kept me safe. And from there, our relationship grew into what it is today. I fell in love, and I am so blessed to have him in my life. I believe him to be a Godsend, straight from heaven. God has blessed me so much in my life, but he is definitely one of the biggest, and one of the best things to ever happen to me. He and I speak of a future together, of marriage and of children, of growing old and driving the other oldies crazy in the nursing home (with my besties Nisan and Sophie by our side, of course!). In his eyes is a promise I actually believe in, and if you have lived the past four years of your life as me, you know how much it means to have a promise like that. :) I love you, Logan. Ti amo, il mio tutto!

I graduated from high school on June 4th, 2010. I am now attending Jackson Community College in Adrian, where I am working towards my Associates in Science. Afterwards, I plan to transfer to a university (still deciding) to get a Master's degree in geology, with a minor of either botany or meteorology. :)

I've been called a hippie. Go hippies!! Mainly because I'm such a treehugger, and I'm for peace. I absolutely LOVE the peace sign.

I can be a little reserved sometimes. I am very opinionated, because I'm a journalist, but I tend to keep some things to myself, like how much I miss my grandmother that died three years ago in 2006. I tend to think about things fairly deep, and sometimes this only confuses me more than it helps me. In the midst of trouble and tragedy, you can count on me to put on a brave face and smile like there's nothing wrong.

I laugh a lot! I absolutely adore laughing. I laugh so much, in fact, that my friends have actually suggested that I create a workout video called Laughing Abs. :) When I start laughing, there's usually no stopping me. Just remain calm and please remind me to breath (though that usually only makes me laugh more...)!

I'm a devout optimist. I see the glass as half full, and I tend to see the good in people as opposed to the bad. I smile a lot, because I am a naturally happy person. There's very little that can keep me down for very long!

I'm a writer. My nickname is The Scribe. :) I write just about anything, but I suck at writing romance (mainly because it's not my cup-o-tea, but also because I've only been in one "relationship" my entire life, while it's going amazingly I'm still not quite good at getting the feelings of love out on paper) and pain. My other bestie Sophie has to help me with anything pain related and generally dark, but I'm slowly getting better. She and I recently participated in NaNoWriMo 2009, and ended up winning with 50,213, though our novel, which we have titled Jupiter Rising, is far from finished. We've decided to get it published under the name Orion Gallaway. :)

My musical tastes are very much varied, but I can't stand country music. Partly because I was born in Arkansas (but only lived there for the first four years of my life) and my mother hardly listens to anything but, but also because it's just not me. I'm a rock/pop person. :) You can find anything from Linkin Park to The Clash to Broadway musicals to indie on my iPod (which is my constant companion). Just don't insult my music, because yours may not be that great either! ;)

Anyway, that's about it for now! Thanks for visiting!

I have a wide variety of interests, ranging from music to sushi to Converse sneakers. Here are just a few:

Favorite TV shows/movies

Doctor Who
Big Bang Theory
America's Funniest Home Videos
Looney Tunes
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Pirates of the Caribbean quartet
Back to the Future trilogy
Iron Man
Gone in 60 Seconds
Space Jam
Repo!: The Genetic Opera
Disney's Tangled

Favorite artists/music groups

Linkin Park
Casting Crowns
Idina Menzel
Steven Curtis Chapman
Fall Out Boy
Imogen Heap

Favorite authors/books

If I Stay ~ Gayle Foreman
Bad Kitty ~ Michele Jaffe
Of Mice and Men ~ John Steinback
The Queen's Soprano ~ Carol Dines
The Faerie Path series ~ Frewin Jones
The Midnighters trilogy ~ Scott Westerfeld
Hamlet ~ William Shakespeare
The Bible!

Other various interests

Converse sneakers
Adobe Photoshop
Disney Pins
Great Britian (I hope to live there one day!)
Various teas (green especially)
New York City
Crayola Crayons
Star gazing/astronomy

Favorite movie/TV show/book pairings!

Ten/Rose (Doctor Who)
Tony/Ziva (NCIS)
9/7, 2/5 (Shake Acker's 9)
Pocahontas/John Smith (Pocahontas)
Rex Greene/Melissa (The Midnighters)
Jeremie/Aelita (Code Lyoko)
Ben Gates/Abigail Chase (National Treasure)
Marc O'Brady/Amy Summers (original characters)
Thor/Jane Foster (Thor)
Rapunzel/Flynn/Eugene (Tangled)

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